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Phone Calls and Planefares

Macon's Story

Phonecalls and Plane Fares


August 6th, 2006

I never created a character list/description of charcter list/list of places for Phone Calls and Plane Fares, so here it is!


(In no specific order)

Macon Telford Dunlevy (Webb): Skateboarding protégé, Macon has been skating since the age of 9. He landed his big break at the age of 15, thanks to his best friend Ryan, and went on his first pro tour at age 16 after dropping out of school. Years of being in the spotlight, and suffering silently from years of molsestation, lead to a lot of pointless sex and drug use, and one bad accident in 1999 that sent him to the hospital. Once out, he lost his contract and turned to dealing drugs, ending up at Morningstar Manor, where he was reuinited with Ryan. After months of sorting through their relationship, the two married in August of 2005, and are currently raising a family in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Eli Jedidiah Dunlevy: Younger brother to Macon Dunlevy (Webb). Former drug addict and mechanic, once involved (briefly) with Ryan Webb. Was the source of a break up between Macon and Ryan, but after a stint in jail for accidental man slaughter, has all but mended his ways. Was once engaged to Fabrizio Hammond, and adopted a child with him. Is currently living with his husband, Aiden Ellis, in West Chester, Pennsylvania. They have recently adopted a set of twins, Adrienne and Ellis.

Janice Dunlevy: Mother of Macon and Eli Dunlevy. Hails from Omaha, Nebraska, but currently resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Is a widow, after being married to Mason Dunlevy for nearly 30 years.

Mason Dunlevy: Father of Macon and Eli Dunlevy, former husband of Janice Dunlevy. Retired teacher/laid off from the local plastics factory in Omaha, Nebraska, died in early 2005. The death was ruled a suicide via gunshot wound to the head, but in all reality was killed by a hired hit man, paid off by Ryan Webb.

Ryan Atticus Webb: Best friend/lover/husband of Macon Dunlevy. The two meet in 1989 at the local skate park in Omaha, Nebraska, and became inseperable. Ryan had a troubled childhood, bounced out west from Pennsylvania after being expelled from school. His life never really got easy, even after he met Macon, and he suffered a lot of ups and downs before finally settling down where he is today. He currently resides with Macon, his husband, and their children in West Chester, Pennsylvania where he's working as a mechanic and is planning to open his own garage.

Justin Fontaine: Drug addict friend of Macon's, was killed by him in a car accident in 1999.

Madison Ryan Webb: Mac's daughter, the product of a one night stand with a former drug addict friend, Autumn Miller. She was discovered in September of 2005, after Autumn came to Mac for help. She was adopted by Macon and Ryan, and has adjusted to life with her two father's quite well.

Atticus Telford Webb: Mac and Ryan's first born son, who was born in September of 2006. Ryan's cousin is playing surrogate and egg doner for the pair of them, so that Atticus will be possible to have.

Christa Webb: Ryan's cousin, surrogate mother and egg doner for Atticus.

Deacon: Former boyfriend and a close friend of Macon's from Morningstar Manor.

Charlie Shaw: Close friend of Macon and Ryan's, Deacon's lover.

Shelly Enderson: Close friend of Macon and Ryan's. Lives in Kentucky with her fiance.

Doctor Jim Derwent: Close friend of Macon and Ryan's. Lives in Kentucky. Engaged to Shelly Enderson.

Fabrizio Hammond: Ex-fiance of Macon's younger brother, Eli.

Aiden Ellis Dunlevy: Husband of Macon's younger brother, Eli.

Chandler Dunlevy: Adopted son of Eli Dunlevy and Fabrizio Hammond. Step-son of Aiden Ellis.

Adrienne and Ellis Dunlevy: Twins adopted by Aiden and Eli Dunlevy.


(In no particular order)

Morningstar Manor: Where Macon and Ryan lived during 2005 and the first part of 2006. They reuinited at Morningstar, and spent the time they lived there falling in love all over again. They married while living there, and raised Madison there until moving away in the summer of 2006.

West Chester, Pennsylvania: Where Macon, Ryan, and their family currently reside.

432 Royersford Avenue: Where Ryan lived in Poughkeepsie, New York during 1998, when Macon came to stay with him off and on from Thanksgiving to New Years.

Rawlins Street: The street where Macon, and the rest of the druggies lived in Baltimore.

Baltimore, Maryland: Where Macon spent a lot of his time between 1995 and 2005. Also where he first got addicted to heroin and met Autumn Miller.

Omaha, Nebraska: Where Macon grew up, and where Ryan Webb lived during his teenage years.
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